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Re: Gibson Falcon Commentary

6/12/1998 3:06 PM Re: Gibson Falcon Commentary
Doc, once again, thanks for your level-headed input.  
One last question: adjusting the reverb setting on my Falcon also greatly affects volume and tone settings. I can turn the volume knob to zero, turn the reverb knob on 10, and get about 60% of the way to max volume.  
Feature or flaw? Fixable or "forget it?" It's not a terrible problem, just inconvenient.  
My local amp guy scratched his head and gave me a sobering estimate to "chew on it for a couple of weeks." Seen anything like this? (Tried different tubes of course, no luck.)
6/13/1998 4:49 AM

Definitely fixable, but the fix would actually be a modification, rather than a repair, because the Falcon's reverb circuit was designed to behave exactly as you've described.  
It works that way because the reverb send occurs before the volume control in the circuit, and the reverb control adjusts the send level going into the springs, rather than the return level as is more commonly seen.  
Whether you consider it a feature or a flaw is a matter of taste, but I wouldn't recommend considering any 'sobering estimate' for a simple swapping around of a few wires, which is really all the modification would amount to.
6/13/1998 12:30 AM

The one I have in the shop now is a very odd brownish marron colored vinyl similar in appearance as a fine scrathed stucco finish.  
The circuit board is about 1.5 inches wide and maybe 9 inches long.  
Not a lot there but enough to work but hard to work on.  
I'll spec it out of course before I return it to the owner!  

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