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Re: 807 tubes

5/1/1998 11:11 AM
Re: 807 tubes
It's tedious work to get a professional looking job, but if the holes are already 1-1/4", then you only have to rat tail file another 1/16" all around each hole. Just draw a guide line and file out to it. I used to do all my chassis holes with drill bits & files until I could afford the hole punches. Some chassis holes still get done this way because I only have punches for 7-pin, 9-pin, 1-1/8 & 1-1/4" for the more common octals. Don't buy another punch unless you're going to build a number of amps with 5-pin (807) or 7-pin (1625, 12 volt equivalent) sockets.
5/1/1998 3:05 PM
Steve M.

Thanks for the tip. I don't plan to build a bunch of 807 amps, especially in light of your comments on them rattling. I do have a Williamson circuit that I'm going to build using the 807 as it is the specified tube in the circuit and I have a few of these. I also want to try this tube in an SE configuration sometime, just for the heck of it. It is a cool looking tube with its ST shape an anode cap.  
5/4/1998 10:38 AM

For your information, there's a single-ended 807 power amplifier project in an early issue of "Sound Practices" magazine. I can't recall the date, but about 4 years back.
5/4/1998 12:27 PM
Steve M.

Hi Doc,  
Thanks for reminding me of that, I have that issue, but haven't looked at it for some time. I believe the OTs called for were Magnequest, and run about $350 a pop, a little rich for my blood. Maybe that's why I haven't looked at the article in a while ;) BTW, the designer, Gordon Rankin, supposedly is using KT-88s in that design now instead of the 807 in his commercial version of the amp.  
5/2/1998 9:27 AM
Tony T.

Yes, the sockets are 1.75" center to center on the mounting holes and a 1.375" hole mounted from underneath is just perfect.
5/1/1998 12:33 PM
Tony T (Antique Electronic Supply in Arizona) sells both the caps ($2.25 for ceramic) and the sockets ($3.80 for ceramic) for the type 807 tubes. I'm at work at the moment so I'm not sure about the mounting details. I can post later this evening. I had the guy at AES making measurements over the phone without any problems and he was right on with what I measured after I received them. Good Luck!

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