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Re: 807 tubes

4/28/1998 12:37 AM
Preben Hansen Re: 807 tubes
Yes. As I wrote in my previous message I have the schematics.  
The 35 Watter uses two EL34
4/28/1998 10:00 AM
Tony T

Is there a way I can get a copy of those two schematics? If you don't have an electronic copy I can send you a self-addressed pre-postaged envelope. Thanks.
4/30/1998 2:29 AM
Preben Hansen
I have some poor scanned PCX files of the schematics. I could mail you that.  
But I am about to make some of better quality in the near future.
4/30/1998 6:09 PM
Tony T

I just got the ceramic sockets and anode caps for the 807's. I'm going to experiment around with them in a couple of weeks or so. Let me know when you get the better scans. Thanks much!
5/1/1998 7:51 AM
Steve M.

Where did you get these from? Can you give a few more details? What is the mounting hole diameter? How much did they cost you?  
5/1/1998 8:48 AM

Hi Steve,  
I think Triode Electronics might be  
able to scare up some NOS ones...  
Also, Angela lists some new Chinese made  
5 pins, described as...  
"31. Five pin socket for 807, etc., recent  
China made copy of old Johnson wafer socket.  
Very nice quality. Thick white glazed ceramic  
body, plated metal spring contacts, solder  
lugs with holes. Slotted mounting holes,  
approx. 1.75" mounting centers. Fits to  
1.375" (1&3/8") hole in chassis, mounts  
from below chassis. SPECIAL! EACH $2!"  
... oooo! ceramics! Pictures on the Angela  
I got a couple in the salvage pile too,  
maybe put 'em in the next care package if  
you promise to do something cool with 'em...  
... will be in touch...  
... Whit
5/1/1998 10:25 AM
Steve M.

Hey Whit,  
How are the taxes coming?  
$2 each for ceramic sockets sounds good, but I don't know if I want to spring for the $30+  
1 3/8 chassis punch. Especially for only four holes :) The biggest punch I have is 1 1/4, I wonder if this is big enough?  
Thanks for the info, Whit.  

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