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Re: Marshall master volume preamp

4/22/1998 10:23 PM
Les Re: Marshall master volume preamp
Is that noise there all the time or just when you're playing a note? Does it change frequency with the fundamental? i.e. is it higher n frequency with an open D than with an open A?
4/23/1998 6:25 AM

Hey Les,  
It is there all only when the note or chord is played and the freq of the noise stays the same. It comes across as static that is riding on top of the note. I compared it to a 100 watt version and it seemed to be there also, not quite as bad though. I took that to mean it is normal in these models and guys that come in who play Marshalls say it is normal. The fellow who owns this one plays at low volumes a lot and it more noticed at lower settings than running the amp wide open.  
I would like to be rid of this noise, and am considering rewiring it to another of Marshalls preamp circuits. I feel that it being generated in the second tube and with the humbuck pickup it is driving the tube over the edge. Still open for suggestions and thanks for your responce.  

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