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Re: Marshall fixed bias

2/17/1998 12:20 PM
Ken Drottar
Re: Marshall fixed bias
Guys, there is no such thing as one single plexi design or one single plexi schematic. Gotta be flexible here. There are a lot of possibilities for what is going wrong. Personally, I would have tested the EL34 tubes before digging into the circuit. If this really is an old chestnut, shouldn't it be worked on by a pro?
2/18/1998 1:44 AM

Hi again, thanks for the response  
and there sure are no one single schematic.  
I for one have a couple besides the ones in  
Mr. Pittman's book. The retailers got me  
the schematic closest to the real thing.  
Btw it was the coupling cap in the overheated  
stage that was leaking.  
I have consulted a couple of pro's, but they  
all seem to have their different view in the  
matter, some had not heard about such high  
bias voltages. Anyway it is in working order  
now at -51 Volts and everything seems fine.  
Another btw since it has got the possibility  
to be wired for almost any voltage, I can  
sell it anywhere, does anyone know the value  
of this "chestnut" in US, and the right  
place to put an ad.  
Thanks again for your help
2/19/1998 10:56 AM
I'll buy it cheap! I love chestnuts. Got a cab. too?

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