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Re: 68k input resistor?

2/12/1998 8:45 AM
Re: 68k input resistor?
Just unbolt the pair of jacks (1/2" ring nuts on front panel) and pull the pair out as a unit.  
If you decide to change the resistor values, install them similarly to the way the original ones are mounted, then reinstall the pair of jacks thru the holes in the front panel.
2/12/1998 12:18 PM
J Fletcher
If you mount them on the chassis backwards,it makes it very easy to work on.That is,disconnect the wire that goes to the 1st tube at the jack end,pull the jacks out,and then insert them through the front panel,with the terminals on the outside of the chassis.Now it's much easier to keep the spacing and orientation correct,plus they are firmly held in place while you replace components.
2/12/1998 1:28 PM

That's a neat trick! It's the third hand I've always been looking for but never found. Thanks for the great tip, Jerry.  

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