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Re: Torres "Super Texan" mod

12/13/1997 2:31 PM
Re: Torres "Super Texan" mod
I sure am glad to know that I am not the only  
middle aged "basement rocker" who likes to fiddle  
with his amps. I've got a bf Champ, a sf Bandmaster Reverb, a Traynor Custom Reverb and  
a recent Pro Jr. I've been inside all except the  
new one doing cap jobs, trying different circuits,  
etc. Luckily I never succumbed to the Torres hype  
nor have I made any non-reversible mods (except on the Champ) to my "vintage" amps.
12/14/1997 8:42 AM
Bob K.

Actually I am quite pleased with the Torres ST mod. I used only the gain channel part of the mod keeping everything else stock. I am sure it wouldn't suit everyone's tastes or needs but it works for me. It is not a super-saturated overdrive sound, ala Boogies, but i can get a bit of bite (great for modern country music and blues). A stompbox will do the rest.
12/23/1997 10:40 AM

Why do people keep dissing Torres? His mods work! They may not be for everyone, but, nothing is. IMHO, I'm a believer!
12/25/1997 11:35 AM

Dan is a butcher he ruined my traynor did things i didnt ask for and when i got it back it didnt work after keeping it almost 6months.I had to pay another tech here to get it working.His book is cool but his work is shotty!

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