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Re: help me please

12/13/1997 3:57 AM
Steve Morrison
Re: help me please
If you do take the amp in for service again, see if you can get the tech to work with you to nail down the problem. If possible, stick around long enough to turn it on and play a bit until the problems assert themselves, then point them out to the tech and don't leave until you and he both agree on just exactly what the symptoms are. When you return to pick it up, do the same thing, and don't leave until you and the tech both agree that the symptoms are no longer present.
12/13/1997 7:39 AM

Thank you steve, I think crate is gona send a new amp, as this amp is only 6 months old and has had so many problems from the start.,funny I got this amp over a s.f.twin cuz I thought I would have less problems. ( To me )the blue voodoo sounded close, not the same but close.I have had one hard time finding a tech that works on crate in san diego the one I use has a shop the size of a closet and has no room for a test run, anyway wish I had the s.f. I think I could nail down the problem myself I have looked inside for somthing loose the P.C.B. has what lookes like transistors? (to-92)?I dont have the schem on it I think crate feels ,I might open it up and grab the filter caps,anyway if I have the same problems with my new one I will just use it for metal type tone and build a 50 w black face for the clean and light O.D. thanks again all chip

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