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Re: help me please

12/12/1997 3:27 PM
Bill Harbour
Re: help me please
The guitar buzzing (7th fret and above) sounds like your guitar setup. Have your action checked and adjusted. Also look down the neck at eye level and see if you can see any frets that are higher than others. Also check the relief (bow) of the neck. Keep in mind that guitars are not perfect creatures especially older ones and you may have to live with a little buzzing. Have the guitar checked by a competent tech and have the frets filed and dressed if necessary. Good luck!
12/13/1997 12:34 AM

Thanks bill the amp does this with all my guitars ,and a classical miked so I still think its the amp however I think some fine tuning of the frets on my guitars and a pro set up would help me....thanks again chip
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