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Re: Guytron GT-100 (Radical new design for tube amps?)

12/12/1997 12:58 AM
Steve A.
Re: Guytron GT-100 (Radical new design for tube amps?)
>>> amp manufacturers might even be able to get away with the ultimate power amp section being solid state, since we would expect never to drive this portion into non-linearity. <<<  
    It is my understanding that the Guytron sounds even better when it is cranked up loud (because of the distortion and saturation in the main output tubes, output transformer and speakers (the Guytron cabs use one Celestion G12-75 and one Vintage 30).  
    In case you didn't read the article, it begins: "Just when you thought you were about to drown in a sea of tweed-Bassman clones, along comes Guytron's GT-100, an innovative amp that strictly adheres to this tone credo:'The path to righteous overdrive is not merely through the preamp tubes, but also the output tubes and especially the output transformer.'"  
Steve Ahola

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