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80's Concert

12/11/1997 11:32 PM
Rusty Bretz
80's Concert
Thanks for the reply. I have the same Concert that you have. I like the idea of lowering B+ a little. I was thinking it would be nice to get B+ down to around 400V. I trust Sovtek 5881s more at a lower B+. Then I could even try 6V6s and EL34s without much smoke.  
I was also wondering if cathode bias would sweeten the tone more than triode mode.  
Damn, I wish I had more time to play with this stuff................
12/12/1997 6:28 AM
Bob K.

I too thought about using 6V6's. According to O'Conner in "The Ultimate Tone"(page 6-44) as long as the plate voltage is less than 450v you can run 6L6's and 6V6's interchangeably. (Of course you must adjust the bias for the tube you are using.) This being the case I would only have to drop about 25-30v to bring the B+ below 450V enabling me to use either 6L6's or 6V6's.  
I also have a MINT condition Twin Reverb II which is exactly the same circuitry as the Concert except that it runs 4 6L6's. If all works well with the Concert I am probably going to mod the T/R II in the same manner except run 2 6V6's and 2 6L6's in it with the ability to switch between either pair of tubes or use all 4 together. (O'Conner presents this idea in his book also.) I've got a long way to go with the Concert before I get to the T/R II.  
Question for you: Do you experience a very heavy bass response in your Concert? I do in mine. I can't turn the bass past 3 with out it rattling the speakers.  
Keep in touch.
12/14/1997 9:18 PM
Rusty Bretz

I was using my Concert at a jam tonight and I did experiment with the clean channel bass control. As you had observed, the bass response takes a big jump at "3" on the dial. I don't usually notice what the numbers are as long as I get the sound I want. I do normally run a Fender amp at "5" or below on the bass control. I just assumed that the taper on the less-than-MILspec Concert pots is not very smooth.  
The other lead player in my band recently bought a Twin Reverb II in decent shape. He has pulled out two 6L6s and one speaker to make it a Concert with hefty transformers.

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