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Re: SF Super Reverb Plate volts?

12/11/1997 8:44 PM
Re: SF Super Reverb Plate volts?
>>this is one of SF models with out a rec. tube, it has the rec's arranged in a square type pattern with disk caps across each one, i checked the rec's they seem to be in within tolerance.Is there something i'm missing here or should i change something in the amp? <<  
I thnk you've got the dating wrong. The config you stated is for one of the last Super's made sometime in the 80's. You've got the one that puts out something like 70watts and has the ultralinear taps on the output xformer, no?  
If that's the case, about 500volts is where it should be.
12/11/1997 11:01 PM

You are right, i just found that out today when i talk to a friend of mine, he said the same thing. But i found the problem, V5 was a bad tube (12ax7), when i replaced it with a good one the plate voltage droped down to 481. It figures, i should of checked the tubes in the first place. Oh well i learned a lesson today. Thanks for everyones help, thats what i like about this site people with a common intrest sharing info.

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