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dean markley tube amps

11/7/1997 1:24 PM
bill van valkenburg dean markley tube amps
does anybody have info on older dean markley tube  
amps made in the eighties? especially the cd60  
tube combo? how do they compare to other brands  
such as fender and marshall?
11/16/1997 10:06 PM
Ken Lewellen

Have owned a few. A signature DR80, SR80 and an all tube rack mounted 60watt job. The DR80 had a slight problem with the regulators crapping out, and the all tube job had a blown output transformer when I got it. After repairs the amps sounded great, I really liked the overdriven tone, and the reverb in the DR80 was great. For more versatility I liked the DR80 but, would end up playing the all tube unit for the cruch tone and singing lead tone. I did make one small modification to the tube model that mellowed the tone a bit, not so bright.  
Don't have the amps anymore since I play on amps that I build. I really liked the Dean Markley sound though, although I have some reservations about the quality of parts and workmanship(translated to reliability).  
As far as sound goes, the DR80 could sound like a Twin on the Green channel and a hotrodded  
something-or-another on the red channel. The all tube model was a crunch monster that could really  
Hope this helps,  
Ken Lewellen

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