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Where do FX go in vintage amp setup?

10/25/1997 10:58 AM
Dave H
Where do FX go in vintage amp setup?
After using a Boogie MkIIB for ten years and finally desiring richer clean and crunch tones when I tired of the overdrive, I've been using vintage Fenders for three years now.  
The problem is, I don't know where in the chain to run the effects without spoiling the tone.  
Using a BF Bassman head now modded to mainly Tweed specs, I'm thinking of getting a Fender reissue or similar valve reverb, but I go mainly for crunchy and overdriven tones, so I don't think I want to put the unit before the input to the amp (do I?). For the record, the only other things I'm running into it are a TS-9 Tube Screamer and a Nobels tremolo pedal.  
Is there an effects send/return I can introduce to this amp that won't spoil the tone? I've got a spare 12AX7 socket to use, if that helps (having adapted the 4 x 12AX7 Bassman head to the 3 x 12AX7 Tweed circuitry).  
If I can get this reverb link right I'll be headed for tone heaven, so any help is greatly appreciated.  
Thanks in advance,  
Dave H
10/25/1997 11:04 AM
Dave H

Yeah, pretty sad replying first to my own question, but to expand somewhat...  
I also plan for some gigs to run an A/B setup with my Deluxe - actually more an A/A with both amps running all the time, the Deluxe set for constant crunch with the Bassman either clean-ish or overdriven with the TS-9 (which would not be routed to the Deluxe).  
So, how would I reverb both these amps?  
Easier or preferable just to get the Reverb in the Bassman, which would give enough delay into the mix for a convincing effect?  
10/26/1997 6:08 AM
Tim Yanasak

Dave check with the Pros. at London Power ( I think they may be able to help you. Good luck
10/27/1997 4:01 AM
Steve Ahola

Torres Engineering has a Deluxe Effects Loop for $75 which is tube buffered and with level controls for both send and return. He puts the loop right before the driver circuit. The catalog doesn't list Bassman amps for the mod, but that may be because you'd have to add a tube and socket (which you said you already have).  
. I got his basic effects loop in the Super Texan mod I did and it works, but I think I'll check into adding level controls to it because the levels are a compromise between low level stomp boxes and line level fx processors. I may also convert it to a parallel loop where you can dial in however much of the unprocessed signal as you like.
10/28/1997 2:34 PM
Dave H

Thanks Tim and Steve for the suggestions. I'll look into both of them.  
I like the idea of a parallel loop with controls to mix fx and dry, which would let you decide how much of the direct tone you're going to sacrifice (if there's any sacrifice at all).  
11/3/1997 1:47 AM
Steve Ahola

. I discussed the effects send level problem with Dan Torres yesterday and he told me to try changing the 6.8K resistor to ground on the signal going to the effects send jack. He set up a 3 position toggle switch for one guitarist to select between 12K, 9K, and 6K. As for modifying the loop in the SuperTexan to turn it into a parallel effects loop circuit, I would lose the gain of the tube stage which drives the effects loop so I better pass on that mod and just change the resistor (which will also increase the total gain of the amp a bit). His Parallel Effects Loop mod is designed to be added to an amp that doesn't already have an fx loop.  
Steve Ahola

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