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Twin Reverb SF Ressurection

10/24/1997 8:51 PM
Wayne Herrington
Twin Reverb SF Ressurection
I have a '76 SF Twin with the pull dist  
knob. When purchased, it had GT EL34s instead  
of 6l6's. I have plenty of Marshall stuff,  
so really want the true Fender sound back.  
I'm going to take to a tech and have the  
tubes put back to 6L6's. Four questions for  
1) Assume switching back to 6L6's not a prob  
2) What mfg tubes do you recommend in a Twin  
3) I'd like to convert to BF specs- everyone  
says this is the thing to do- what exactly  
does this entail?  
4) Any other recommended mods while the  
tech is in there? Don't really want to  
drill any holes in it.  
Thanks alot, Wayne

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