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Dating Fender Power Transformers

9/16/1997 6:21 AM
Keith Dating Fender Power Transformers
I know Fender uses the 606??? code thing but when you see a minus in between( 606-???) thats a 70`s thing. I have a 66 deluxe reverb and the code is 606-6-25, all the other date codes pots and such are mid 66. What got my attention was how hot the transformer is (335AC)and I use a GZ34, the plate voltage is 435. The transformer looks like it hasn`t been changed, the part no. is 025130.
9/16/1997 7:05 AM
just changed out an original tranny (O/P) on a circa '66 vibrolux reverb.....stamp was: 606-6-04......
9/16/1997 7:46 AM
Yes I`ve seen that on output trannys but power trannys is differant!
9/16/1997 3:45 PM
Jeff Lacio
"606-6-nn" or "606-6nn" are both datecodes from 1966 (in an otherwise verifiable 66 Fender). the "606" is the id of Schumacher Electronics (the manufacturer of almost all Fender power and output and reverb transformers since about 1960-61). the "-6-nn" or "-6nn" is the last digit of the year (0 thru 9), and the week within the year (with nn=01 thru 52). this is standard EIA stuff for determining datecodes -- whether it's a power or audio transformer makes no difference. also, sometimes the code has NO hyphens in it at all: 606604 is on the reverb transformer in my 66 Princeton Reverb.
9/16/1997 5:50 PM
My 606-6-25 is from a 76 amp , if it was 606625 it would be from a 66 amp. When I looked at my Brother-in-law`s stock 73 Deluxe Reverb (606-3-18), I knew I`d been had!
9/17/1997 8:19 AM
guess i'm missing something here.....  
re: seem to think that the dashes or hyphens between numbers indicates something to do with the 70's??? why? because of your brother-in-law's '73?  
i've seen HUNDREDS of transformers in 1960's Fender amps -- many, many of them have dashes between the 4th and 5th digits; are you saying every one of these of transformers are from the 70's?? and that they were installed in amps from the 60's and all of them coincided with the other datecodes on the audio and/or reverb transformers such that the whole amp is made to appear "correct" for the 60's?????  
if otherwise verifiable as a 1966 Fender (tubechart stamp, potcodes, etc), and your power trans says 606-6-25, and it doesn't appear to have been replaced, then i'd say you have an intact 1966 Fender. sure -- it COULD be a 1976 transformer, but if you have no other reasons to suspect '76, it's probably a '66.
9/17/1997 5:56 PM
Jeff, remember I`m strictly talking POWER transformers. The AC coming in is at 335 volts you would expect that of a 70`s power transformer. The one I HAVE IN THERE JUST HAPPENS TO FIT THE DATES OF ALL THE OTHER DATE CODES IN THE AMP. The problem (well its a matter of preference)is my power transformer with a GZ34 makes those 6v6`s run about 435. The minuses are between all the pots, output transformers and chokes. Power transformers different story. Research it!
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