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Svetlana 6L6GCs

6/13/1997 4:47 PM
Jim Salman
Svetlana 6L6GCs
Does anybody know why it seems to be taking so long for the Svetlana 6L6GCs to become widely available? My order has been backordered at Mojo for months!  
Is the Russian Mafia hoarding them? Were Muscovites heating their apartments with them last winter? Is the space station getting retubed? What's the story?
6/15/1997 10:23 PM
Matt Dahlheimer

I got mine no problem from MCM Electronics. They've got a web site I think. I installed mine tonite to find they glow a bright blue haze. My local amp guy tells me they are gassey. To the ear, these tubes are strong across bass/mid/treble and are punchy.
6/16/1997 12:07 AM
Erik at Svetlana said they're shipping to the bigger orders first so theyr're pretty much all going to Sovtek.They still ship to smaller shops.I got a couple of quartets a month ago from Antique Electronics they seem to be the most reasonable priced dealers for these tubes.good luck
6/16/1997 3:24 PM

I'd like to try the Svetlanas. They are manifactured in Europe and here, in Europe, you still can't find them.  
Does somebody send a matched pair to me?
6/25/1997 1:49 PM
Andy Ruhl

Sei italiano? Svetlana 6L6GC sono di Russia, non Europa. Mi piace le Svetlana 6L6GC nel mio Bassman. Antique Electronics in Arizona vende le Svetlana. Il numero e' 520-820-5411. Ciao! Andy
7/7/1997 4:42 PM
Reid Kneeland

Blue glow is normal and nothing to worry  
about. See the FAQ at:  
6/16/1997 5:32 PM
Jim Salman

Actually, I read recently that power tubes emitting a bright blue haze is not necessarily a sign of excessive gas! In a healthy tube, much of the blue haze, if any, is caused by stray electrons striking the sides of the glass bottle; the atoms in the glass molecules get excited and emit photons at blue wavelengths.  
For example, the mighty NOS Phillips/Sylvania 6L6GC tubes are known to have a rather hard vacuum. Most of these tubes tend to have a rather pronounced blue color when idling. EL34's, on the other hand, are known for having a softer vacuum, and they rarely seem to have much of a blue glow.
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