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Fender or Rivera?

6/10/1997 12:22 AM
Fender or Rivera?
Hello all,  
I'm trying to decide which amp to get, the choice being a SF Deluxe Reverb or a Rivera M60 combo.  
or even building a combo from scratch.  
I could get the amps for 400$ each (good price?9.  
They would be used for playing in small clubs.  
Soundwise I like them both, now I wonder which  
one will be easier to maintain, more reliable  
or even easier to mod (if different sounds should be needed). Certainly this is a matter of taste,  
but I'm eager to hear your opinions!  
Concerning DIY, I've built my own amps, but I'm  
not shure if I can build a compact combo, and  
then there is resale value to be considered if I  
should stop playing clubs (too loud for home use)  
Any comments welcome, thanks  
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6/10/1997 12:25 AM
My experiance with a Deluxe Reverb is that with a bass and drummer they don`t push enough air!
6/11/1997 12:56 AM
Guy Matricciani
A blackface or early silverface Deluxe is a very good studio amp. But for live use without any PA  
help, you can't use them. Also this is a Silverface amp.......not blackface.  
The Rivera is the way to go...its a no-brainer
6/11/1997 12:53 AM

Thanks for your opinions!  
Sorry to be a bit dumb, but what's a no-brainer  
exactly? Have I outed myself being one of that  
What about the prices, then?  
6/11/1997 7:49 PM
In other words get the Rivera! Good Luck! Keith
6/12/1997 12:56 AM
Mike Schulze

Well now hold on just a minute there!  
The silverface DR is a Great amp. The best ones are the ones without the volume boost. They can be reverted to blackface (pre CBS) spec with only minor changes. (Weber p65) The volume boost ones are less desirable, but still can be modified to BF spec. I have a '69 silverface. All I needed to do was remove two parasitic suppression caps and it's Identical to a pre CBS amp that would fetch $1000 on the used market. It's probably my best sounding amp. (I have a Bassman reissue and two Twin Reverb II's also.) The DR sounds like three different amps depending on where the volume is. At 3 - 4 its clean and smooth - classic fender warmth. At 5 - 7 it sterts to compress and break up in a nice fat way. At 10 it's not much louder but it frick'en roars - especially with a humbucker. Kick in a tube screamer and you have the classic balls out dirty stevie ray infinite sustain.  
Now it's true this amp is underpowered for gigging in a larger club without PA BUT:  
1 WITH a PA you can crank it to 10 and use your guitar's volume control. You will get the great sound of a fender tube amp cranked to 10 and the sound man will appreciate the lower stage volume.  
2 You can install a line out with just a few resistors - (see weber p 37) and use a second amp to boost the cool sound of the DR. Those 6V6's really have a characteristic sound.  
That Rivera is probably a great amp too, and maybe more versatile, but people are paying $1000 for Blackface Deluxe Reverbs and you may be able to turn this one into an identical amp. If its one with no volume boost I would seriousely consider picking it up...
6/12/1997 12:39 PM
Mike Tatro

I basically agree with Mike (the Mikes are in phase - sorry, I couldn't resist).  
I also have a SF DR. I didn't say anything because I always mic it - being small isn't a problem, it's an advantage.  
Regarding the line out circuit, I've recently started using a THD Hot Plate. It's VERY transparent and includes a line out with a level control. I just saw a uaed one advertised for $150 over at Harmony Central. That's a killer deal!

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