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Re: Fender or Rivera?

6/17/1997 12:49 AM
Guy Matricciani Re: Fender or Rivera?
You guys are right about the Fender..its a great  
sounding amp on 10.  
I have a Rivera Jay Graydon Signature combo.  
Incidentally, Jay used an early Silverface Deluxe  
reverb which was modded by Paul Rivera, to record the solo to Steely Dan's hit song 'Peg'.  
Anyway....the newer amps are much more usuable  
with level adjustable effects loops, channel switching, switchable gain boosts by footpedal  
(which eliminates the need for an Ibanez Tube  
Screamer for gain help) and in the case of the Jay Graydon will give you both a Fender sound and almost a Marshall sound.  
With the Deluxe, your gain is linked to your volume and so you are at the mercy of getting the gain you want and hoping the volume is either loud enough or not too loud. Sound men hate loud amps,  
and my Rivera seldom gets up to 3 on volume without getting bitched at. The deluxe on 10 would  
be louder than my Rivera on 3, and so the Deluxe would be tooo loud for a sound man, and not loud enough by itself without PA help.  
Also...if you are on 10 to get the gain, where is  
your clean sound when you need it?  
Again...great sounding amp for the studio, but not  
for live gigs.
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6/17/1997 12:42 AM
Mike Schulze

Both great amps to be sure. Of course what you do is show up for the gig with your Deluxe Reverb perched atop your blackface super reverb. Use the super for clean and the DR for lead. Simple solution!  
Then you buy the Rivera anyway because you are a gear junkie.
6/17/1997 1:54 PM
Guy Matricciani
I have many amps Marshalls, Boogies, Soldano,  
Fender, 5150 and the Rivera. It never ends, because each does something the other cannot,  
and considering that guitar playing is a life long  
hobbie alla Les Paul at 81, and BB King at 71, its  
worth putting the money into as you will get a lifetime out of the amp.
6/17/1997 2:05 PM
Mike Schulze

My amp saga:  
First amp - checked out the crate 30 watt class A (very nice amp!) and the Fender 69 deluxe reverb. Both available for $450. Got the Fender 'cuz its the real deal and I could always trade for a crate later. Decided the DR was too small - traded for a used 59 bassman reissue. Decided I always wanted a twin reverb so picked up a Twin Reverb II for 350. Sounds great. Found another not working for $100 - fixed it. The two work great as a stereo rig with my digitech rp5. Got buyers remorse and bought back my DR for $450. Good selection of Fender amps.  
Now I need a Boogie, a Marshall half stack, an AC30, maybe a few silvertones...  
6/17/1997 2:38 PM
John Martin

Yes, the amp collection fever can be a problem. I have to sleep up in the loft now because there are about 27 guitar and bass amps in my room. Made from 1946 to 1996. But, they all do something different! Only one solid state and one hybrid in the bunch.  
6/24/1997 12:34 PM
Dave Charneski

Wow! I'm gonna' have to show my wife  
these postings! I feel guilty for having  
a $2600 (list) Fender Tone-Master (I got it  
for $1600) and a $1000 Seymour Duncan 100W  
Convertible. I thought I was insane  
when I got the itch to buy the incredible-  
sounding Mesa Blue Angel I just played...  
especially since I just bought another  
$850 Strat! (I already had a Strat and a Kramer  
Pacer.) But, I don't feel so bad now after  
reading your postings! I guess this is the same  
feeling an alcoholic gets when he finds another  
person with the same addiction! Thanks for  
the comraderie!  
Dave Charneski
6/24/1997 12:26 PM
Dave Charneski

I just saw Eric Johnson live here in  
Rochester, NY in a very large auditorium.  
He used TWO Blackface Deluxes and a Marshall  
Plexi half-stack. As usual, his tone was  
beautiful. Eric uses two simple A/B boxes  
to switch between his three amps to get all  
the sounds he needs, from clean to scream.  
All his amps were miked and I didn't detect  
any sound system difficulties whatsoever. I have  
used a very similar setup in the past with two  
amps, one for overdriven rythym and lead sounds  
and one for clean. I have used this setup both  
miked and unmiked and had no problems whatsoever.  
As for 22W Deluxes being too loud to mike, I  
I have played Vibro-Kings (60W), Vibro-luxes (40W) and Blue Angels (38W) cranked to 6-8 in music stores without complaints and without  
any sense of being totally overwhelmed by the  
volume. (EJ played a cranked 100W plexi,  
overdriven with a Tube Screamer, through a  
mike.) I've seen these more powerful amps  
played in clubs both miked and unmiked. I  
doubt a cranked 22W Deluxe would be too loud  
to mike. However, I do agree that, in anything  
but a cramped basement, the Deluxe would have  
to be miked in order to heard above the rest  
of the band.  
Helpful tip for using non-master amps: Get a Boss  
LS2 Line Selector pedal! This pedal can be  
configured to give you two volume settings  
(fed into your amp) which are both adjustable  
from -20 to +20db of gain. This is great for  
turning a non-channel-switching, non-master  
amp into a semi-channel-switcher.

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