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What is this Silvertone Amp (funky preamp tube)?

5/26/1997 11:35 PM
Mark Cameron What is this Silvertone Amp (funky preamp tube)?
Can anyone tell me anything about this Silvertone Amp model number 1342. It has a weird preamp tube the number on it is 1273 (pentode?). The other tubes are fairly common 6SL7, 2 6V6's, and a 5Y3 rectifier and a 12 inch speaker. The controls are  
left to right 1 and 2 instruments, and 3 microphone, instrument volume, microphone volume and tone, which is also the on/off switch, fuse holder then the pilot light. The controls are also on the back of this amp. This is an amazing sounding amp. With a Strat it has a great SRV style tone just by turning the amp on 10. The sound is thick with a lot of harmonics and great bite.  
I can't seem to find any schematics of this amp or anything with this tube in it. Any information is greatly appreciated. Thanks
5/28/1997 10:41 PM
Rusty Bretz

I couldn't find a 1273 tube in my RCA tube manual. Good luck with that.......  
You may be able to get a schematic for your Silvertone 1342 from Tom Crocker, the head engineer at the new HiWatt, American version. Send him an e-mail at "". He was able to find a schematic for my Silvertone 1482. All I had to do was send him a SASE.
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