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Marshall Jubilee's

5/18/1997 11:39 PM
joe doe
Marshall Jubilee's
I've found a black tolex reissue of the original  
siilver jubilee amps made by marshall in the late  
eighties the ones with a gold panel.. its in very  
good condition.. My question is -- Are the black  
ones the exact same as the original silver jubilees  
tubes/circuitry inside and and out? or did they  
change anything.. Marshall is really bad about not  
speaking up when they modify stuff... I have a  
limited time to buy.. can someone please help me  
5/22/1997 12:51 PM
Guy Matricciani
Yes....In the past, Marshall would produce black  
tolex models after the anniversary year.  
For the 30TH anniversary though...some of the black tolexed models had 5881 power tubes.  
This was only because Marshall was converting over  
to 5881 because the good tesla EL-34s were drying  
up. Marshall has since converted back to EL-34s  
after extensive testing of the new Russian Svetlana (sp?) tubes. Incidentally, the ones that draw about 50 amps are too soft for most Marshalls.  
I tried a pair in my Silver Ann, and they got smokin hot even with the idling current down.  
The German Siemans tubes work well also.  
Guy Matricciani
5/22/1997 1:29 PM
Guy Matricciani
By the way.....  
Thats not my favorite Marshall.  
I like high gain preamp channels so the 30TH  
Anniversary and SLX are more my bag.  
High gain amps like the 5150 and Mesa Tremoverb/Solo make playing solos easier for my style. You have to play the Silver hard with heavy  
fingers due to its lack of sustain. It does however have one of the nicest tones (guitar voice) of any Marshall. Steve Morse also told me  
that he had 8 of the 50 watt models and they all  
sounded different...Mine could be a dud.  
For the same money..I'd get a 5150 head./

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