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Re: Tube Replacement

2/8/1997 2:11 PM
Charlie Graves
Re: Tube Replacement
I'm afraid I may have the worst case scenario. All tubes are socketed directly into the back side of the PC board. All pots are directly mounted into the PC board. The board appears to be two sided. Whaddaya think? Any chance ?  
Charlie G.
2/8/1997 7:05 PM
If you can get to all the solder points without  
too much trouble, and don't mind the extra stuff  
you'll have to take apart, you can do this. I  
have a Marshall 900 head that has a similar setup,  
but my tube sockets are chassis mounted. I have  
done repairs to it, but it aint easy. You'll have  
to remove all the nuts from the jacks and pots on  
the board and possibly mark and unsolder some wires  
that are too short to lift the board. And circuit  
tracing is more difficult with a two side laminate.  
You'll know what you're dealing with only after you  
start. Also, the extra "take it apart/put it back"  
gets very irritating if you have to do any "fine  
tuning" of the circuit. You may not have to fine  
tune it. This circuit is pretty straight forward and  
has been a popular Marshall mod forever. This one is  
mine, but it cant be too different from others. I'll  
fax the changes on monday.Chuck  
2/10/1997 4:00 PM
Charlie Graves

Chuck. I'm not afraid of a few wires / nuts / components / whatever, as long as I can recover. I have another amp so I'll be able to have the Carvin down for a few days if need be. I didn't receive your fax today. No hurry. I just want to make sure that you didn't try and send it and I just missed it. Also, I'm not sure if the FAX number is on the cover sheet or not. It's 615-454-1504. Look forward to hearing from you. Thanks again.  
2/11/1997 7:59 PM
wouldn't it be easier for you 2 to e-mail each other
2/12/1997 12:43 AM
Charlie Graves
That sounds like a wonderful idea Mike ! I'll see what I can do to get his Email address.  
2/12/1997 12:46 AM
Charlie Graves
That sounds like a wonderful idea Mike ! I'll see what I can do to get his Email address.  
2/12/1997 12:49 AM
Charlie Graves

Any chance that I might get your Email address for future correspondence ?  
Charlie Graves (case sensitive)  
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