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Acoustic 165 Amplifier

1/29/1997 12:33 AM
David Kitazono
Acoustic 165 Amplifier
I have an Acoustic 165 1x12 combo amp from the early 1980's with a very funky preamp section. My regular amp tech feels that he would rather get the plague than work on this amp because of lack of clear schmatics. He also said that this amp never worked or sounded right and that it will need constant servicing to keep it running. Any suggestions on where I can get this amp fixed? He is right about this amp being a "money pit?" Thanks for your help!
1/29/1997 12:18 AM
John Martin

Your tech is right about that Acoustic 165. I had one in my shop and it had to come back for more work. I didn't feel so bad after he told me he had it to four other techs with no success. It sounds ok when it is working right but that high gain front end ia a problem. The first thing to do is get a proper schematic. A good tech can redo the front end. You may lose a little gain but the amp will be stable.  
JM out
2/4/1997 12:04 AM
David Kitazono

Thanks for the reply. I think I'll spend my money on another amp rather than trying to revive the Acoustic.

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