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Silvertone Amplifier

1/28/1997 9:01 PM
Anthony Stauffer
Silvertone Amplifier
Does anyone know what kind of output transformer the old Sear Silvertone guitar amps used. And even better where I could get my hands on one. I had removed the row of caps a while ago to get a better look at the inside of the amp but I am in the process of putting the whole thing back together but unfortunately the transformer is completely rusted through and no external markings are visisble on it. Any help would be appreciated.
1/29/1997 12:40 AM
John Martin

You didn't say which Sivertone amp you have or what the output tubes are but here is an idea. I have found that the readily available Fender replacement transformers will work in most any thing. If your amp has two 6L6 tubes use the replacment for the Vibrolux/Bandmaster. A universal model is available with 4,8, and 16 ohm output taps in case you have something other than two speakers in your cabinet. If your amp has two 6V6 tubes use the replacment for the Princeton or Deluxe. If it is a single ended 6V6 use the transformer for a Champ.  
One source for this stuff that deals with the end user is Angela Instruments in Anapolis Junction, Maryland. 301-725-0451 Have fun!  
JM out
1/30/1997 4:16 PM
Anthony Stauffer

I checked the amp and it's a Sear's Roebuck Silvertone amp (head), model 1485 and it utilizes 4 6L6-GC output tubes (Pin #1 not used in GC version). Since your suggestions were for replacing the trans. in a two 6L6 amp, I will probably need something different. Any ideas?
1/30/1997 6:37 PM

you might be able to shoehorn a fender replacement xformer for 4 6l6s in your amp but part of the fun of these amps is from the small output xformer. it helps with that cool squashy sound as it saturates. angela may have a junk chassis or possibly guitar oasis in cal. good luck.
1/31/1997 12:35 AM
John Martin

Angela Instruments also has the complete line of Hammond transformers. You can select a smaller or larger power capacity among the models that work with four 6L6 tubes. I see there is one, conservativly rated at 50 watts, with a 3400 ohm primary and 4,8 and 16 ohm secondary that might work. It weighs in at about 7 pounds. It might actually cost a bit more than using a Fender replacement. I can't remember exactly, but that amp should not put out more than about 80 watts. Have Fun.  
JM out
2/10/1997 10:09 PM
Ken Lewellen

If your Silvertone has 4 6l6's then it is possible that it has  
2 output transformers. I have seen some of these rigs with one output  
transformer for each speaker although I can't recall all of the particulars.  
I think this only appeared in twin twelve amps that were not piggy back but,  
rather combo amps. Some weirdness like that. Good luck, have fun.  
Ken Lewellen

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