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Guild Amplifier Information

1/27/1997 2:11 PM
Raymond Gurzynski
Guild Amplifier Information
I recently came across a Guild amp and am trying to get info. about it. It is a "combo", the model is a "Thunder 1" if I recall correctly. It has reverb ( the only dating clue of any kind was inside the reverb tray; early '60's Canadian something-or-other unit.) and tremolo, it has a main (12" I think) speaker and a smaller "reverb" speaker. It has 3 1/4" inputs: "regular", "sensitive", and "mic", I believe they were called. It is in good cosmetic condition, and seems to work fine. I'd like to know any history about Guild amps in general, this model in particular (sorry, I can't give the serial # at this time.), and what it might be worth, although it's not currently for sale. (unless it turns out to be valuable and someone's looking for one...) Thanks! RVG, 1-28-97.

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