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Matchless Preamp

1/25/1997 11:48 PM
anonymous Matchless Preamp
I'm considering buying a Matchless Clubman 35 and would like to know what purpose the EF86 tube serves in the preamp. Is this what gives it it's unique sound? Are they hard to get replacements for? I'm familiar with some tube circuits, but this tube is new to me.  
Thanks in advance,  
1/28/1997 12:47 AM
John Martin

The EF86 or 6267, is a preamp pentode very popular in the hi-fi amps of yesteryear. They can be pentode or triode wired, but I have never seen a diagram of the Matchless, so I don't know how they do it. Pentode input circuits sound a bit different than the usual dual triodes used in most guitar amps. In my experiance they are more easily overloaded than the triodes, but you get better sensitivity. This may not be for everone, but I like it in small amps played clean for recording. I believe the EF86 was first made by Mullard but don't hold me to that. It was out of production for many years until Svetlana in Russia started to make them again. I like the idea that someone is using this tube in a guitar amp, and I plan to try it in some of my own custom built amps.  
Have fun with your new amp! (Svetlana has a web page, by the way)  
JM out
1/30/1997 7:15 PM

i believe the ef86 is used to drive the tone circuit so it is definatly part of the sound but the output xformer is really where the meat of the tone is.
2/3/1997 3:07 PM
Matt Romasco
I have an old VOX AC-30 circa 1960 that has an EF-86 preamp. I think  
Matchless may have picked up the idea from VOX. It's true of the sensitivity  
that was mentioned in the previous reply. VOX stopped using the EF-86 because  
of mechanical breakdown from vibrations and cost.

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