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Circuit diagram

1/25/1997 12:44 AM
Rainer zur Linde
Circuit diagram
Is there anybody in the world, who has a circuit diagram of the VOX models AC10 and /or AC15?  
Thanks for an answer
1/27/1997 12:43 AM
david coletta
probably check out gibson corporation i believe their they have schematics.  
also try web sites in england or music stores being an electronics mseg i usually tell  
people to follow the 123 approach in diagnostics of trouble. also compare marshalls and feners  
amps similar technology follows similar guidelines preamp tubes  
and output tubes. your problem can most likely be resolved by letting me know what problem your having.
1/27/1997 12:57 AM
Rainer zur Linde
Re: Cuircuit diagram
Thanks for your email.  
I am a Tubeamp technician and I have written six books about tube amps. You see thats not the problem. Im am the owner of a AC 10 and AC 15 and I only want the cuircuit diagramm for my collection.  
1/27/1997 4:56 PM
Try Ken Fisher at Trainwreck amps. Address and phone number can be found in the Groove Tubes Tube Amp book.
1/28/1997 12:54 AM
John Martin

Try Aspen Pitmans TUBE AMP BOOK. I believe it has most of the tube VOX amp schematics. It is about $29 and has a whole lot of cool tube amp stuff in it.  
JM out
1/29/1997 10:19 PM
Steve Brewer

Trevino Music Ent.  
PO Box 925  
Ogden, KS. 66517  
USA (919)537-1740  
Between 5-10pm Central Time  
This company has all vox schematics. He gave me a great deal on some xerox copies.Good Luck

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