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1/24/1997 12:50 AM
Mike L tubes
I recently purchased Bassman amp. It came stock with the 6L6GC tubes in  
it. I came across some NOS 6L6WGB and was going to install them in the  
Bassman. Upon further investigation I found out that the plate voltages  
are much higher in the GC's than in the WGB's. If I install these tubes  
do I have to make any mocifications to the amp for them to work or is all  
that is required is re-biasing.
1/24/1997 12:17 PM
Josh Cecil

As far as I know if the tubes are compatable all that you have to do is adjust the bias  
to keep the tubes from running too hot. The higher voltage tube at the same bias will  
likely cause the tube to run hot. You can always call fender and ask if they know some  
good modifications or other tubes that work well.

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