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Ampeg Reverbrocket 212R tube amp

1/23/1997 1:26 PM
Josh Cecil Ampeg Reverbrocket 212R tube amp
I bought this amp a couple of months ago and it sounds great. However, the  
tubes rattle and the sound comes though the speaker. This is very annoying. Does anybody have any advice? I have tried everything including talking to ampeg about it. If anyone has this amp or knows how to solve the problem let me know
1/27/1997 12:28 AM
John Martin

I own a whole bunch of Ampeg amps, but your problem seems more generic than that. Which tubes are making noise? Usually it is a preamp tube. Try gently tapping on the tubes to see which one(s) are making noise. Normally, just replacing the offending tube will fix it.  
JM out
1/30/1997 12:10 AM
Tube Head
In this particular amp your tube rattles are coming from the power tubes.  
Your amp should be under warranty (5 years).Take your amp to your nearest service  
center or replace the power tubes yourself.Don't forget to bias and use quality  
tubes(Svetlana EL34 or GT-E34Ls)

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