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Ampeg B-25B Amp head

1/22/1997 12:17 AM
CJ Landry
Ampeg B-25B Amp head
I saw an Ampeg amp head model B25B in a pawn shop for $100.00. What is one of these worth. Is this a good price for me to buy it? It does not have the speaker cabinet.
1/22/1997 5:39 PM
Tim Aberegg

The B25 is cool low gain amp. A friend of mine had one years ago. Beware of the 7027A power tubes. They are getting expensive and harder to find. The amp also has a 7199 phase inverter tube. I am not familiar with this tube. The amp can be converted to 6550's or EL34's, which are much more common. If you like high gain amps this might not be the amp for you. It has two channels each with only one preamp tube. It could be modified but then any collector value would be gone. I don't know what kind of value the amp has to "collectors". How does it sound, and what do you want? Let your ears be your guide.  
1/27/1997 12:34 AM
John Martin

B25s are great amps! They can be found cheap because they almost always need work. The tubes they used are no longer made and NOS pairs sell for $75 and up. There are substitutes. A good tech can set your amp up for EL34/6CA7 or 6550 tubes. I like the 6550. You might spend up to $150 more to get it in shape, but what can you buy today for $250? Not much! If you know a good/reasonable amp tech, go for it.  
JM out

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