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Fender 75

1/22/1997 12:12 AM
Fender 75
I've just bought an amp called 'Fender 75'. It's 75w with 1x15 inch speaker. I think it's from the late 1970s.  
Does anyone have any more information about these or an address where I can find some?  
1/26/1997 2:12 PM
Age Maat

I'm also playing a Fender 75, it's a nice amplifier, lots a power from only two 6L6 tubes.  
I can't give you any information about this amplifier, but if you get some information could you send it to me?  
2/1/1997 12:38 AM
Kevin Hines
Fender made the 75 between 1979 amd 1983. It's a Paul Rivera design.
2/2/1997 1:40 PM
Kevin Hines
The Fender 75 was designed by Ed Jahns, not Paul Rivera. It was their attempt at a multiple gain stage amp, in the same vein as the Mesa Boogie Mk II. Sorry for any confusion.
2/10/1997 10:02 PM
Ken Lewellen

I played with a guy that had one of those amps back in about 1980.  
As I remember it was one of fenders early attempts at a channel swithching  
amp with a high gain preamp. It sounded kinda neat back then but, it's  
been a long time since I heard one. I do remember that it was Loud.  
2/10/1997 11:54 PM
Bill Bolton

> Does anyone have any more information about these  
There were one of the "new" CBS designs. There were quite a departure from the Fender amps which proceeded them... and tend to be either loved or hated by their users, with no middle ground! Players who like clean sounds generally like 75s, while those who like overdriven sounds generally hate them.  
The most contentious feature was the use of an ultralinear output stage, which allowed Fender to get 75W out of a pair of 6L6GCs but significantly changed the sound of the amp (compared to earlier Fenders) when it was overdriven. The us e of ultralinear output stages didn't last too long for the guitar amp ramge, though bassists generally seeemd to like them and so they were continued in the high powered tube bass amps until the tube bass amp line was eventually withdrawn altogther (Rumble Bass doesn't count until they've made a few more than two of them).  
Anyway, Fender went back to a conventional power pentode (power beam tetrode) output stage for its more recent tube guitar amp designs.  
2/13/1997 11:29 PM
Sax Etc

I used to use a Fender 75 head (no skrs). I have a schematic and would be  
happy to provide you with a copy if you like. I don't have a scanner  
but will snail mail you one. Reply if you're interested (or if you have  
any other suggestions or advice let me know).  
Sax Etc

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