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Hound Dog Taylor/ Tubes

1/21/1997 12:21 AM
Hartley Bluesman
Hound Dog Taylor/ Tubes
I've been askingevryone I know and maybe now I've found the right people to ask.  
1) I'm wondering if any one knows what kind of amp Houd Dog Taylor used for his Alligator Records recordings.  
2) Do you know where I could find the schematic?  
3) Do you know where I could find the schematic for a Polytone, "Maxi-Brute" amp"  
4) Do you know where I could find some interesting schematics (but not too hard) for a tube distortion pedal?  
I'm just beginning my quest and any ideas, opinions, suggestions would be welcomed.  
Hartley "The Bluesman" Wynberg
2/10/1997 12:59 AM

Seems like every picture ive ever seen of the mitee mitee Hound Dog Taylor has him playin a Fender Quad Reverb....Im not positive thats what he used on the records, but it could well be...Hound Dog probably wasnt much for change....he WAS, however, one unbelievable guitar player, growler,, MY question is, how did Frankie Lee Sims get HIS tone...?
2/14/1997 12:09 AM
Ben Palmkvist

If there is any band I am getting glad when I listening to  
it, it's Hound Dog Taylor and the Houserockers !  
On the cover of one of his record it says that he played a  
"cracked-speakers" Sears Silvertone amplifier, but at the  
picture he is playing a Fender Quad. But why don't You  
ask Alligator Record direct ? Try:  
If You get any answere, pleas let us know too !  

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