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Slaving a Bassman

1/20/1997 11:02 PM
Bill Kleine
Slaving a Bassman
I have been running my guitar and effects into a Fender Bassman Head as a  
pre-amp, then connecting to a Music Man. Things have been sounding real good  
but now when I shut down and start unhooking everything, the fuse in the  
bassman gets blown. This has happened the last four or five times I've used this  
set up. Anybody got any ideas whats going on before I take the Fender into the shop?
1/21/1997 12:04 AM
jonathan krogh

well,im not 100% sure what is causing this problem,but have you kept a speaker connected to the bassman?if theres no speaker load that would probably blow the fuse,and you might not know it ,but your power tubes are probably screwed too.......
1/21/1997 12:19 AM
jonathan krogh
yes i see now thats definitly the problem,that slave output is meant for hooking up to another amp while the bassman is up and running with full speaker is not meant as a full bypass from the power amp,you might find you have killed the tubes and maybe worse..
1/21/1997 7:17 PM
Bill Kleine

After I put in a new fuse, everything seems to be fine. I get a great sound even  
at lower volumes. If I had trashed the tubes, would I be getting much of a sound  
at all? The fuse goes at the end, when I disconnect everything. Right now I'm  
running my guitar into the normal 1 channel of the bassmen, then out the normal  
2 channel, into the Music Man. This was one way I read to do this? Is there a  
better way ? Thanks.
1/22/1997 10:04 PM
Steve Morrison

The question that really needs to be answered here is whether or not you have a speaker connected to the Bassman. If you do, then the setup you have described is perfectly safe and not a possible cause of blown fuses. I would assume that you do have a speaker connected because the Bassman would be serving no real purpose otherwise, but I wanted to be sure just in case.
1/27/1997 12:57 AM
dave coletta
previous messages suggest you possibly might not have speakers..which means  
zero load therefore what can happen is blown capicators,tubes prematurely  
going bad etc...but your question is vague the bassman has ch1&2-bass  
and ch1&2 normal for guitar lets say. you can only use 1 or 2 thats it.  
either for bass or guitar ,you surely can use 2 instruments ch1&2.
1/24/1997 12:53 AM

you may have a ground problem where one amp is arcing to the other but i think you would be shocked or see an arc. is this amp modified? the way you described your setup is not really a preamp setup but rather a loaded down Y connection. a better way to do this is to use a Boss/Ibanez/DOD/Whomper pedal that has two outputs. the outputs are buffered so your signal isn't compromised when running two amps. good luck.

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