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Ampeg VT-22 speakers

1/15/1997 12:00 AM
Chris Russo
Ampeg VT-22 speakers
Does anyone know what speakers Ampeg used in the VT-22 (2 x 12 open back combo)?  
The "head" is the same as the V-4 which had Altecs in sealed 4 x 12 cabs'.  
Any help here is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.  
1/17/1997 2:42 PM
john Martin

The speakers in my VT22 look like CTS units prevalent during the 70's. If it is really important I will consult some of my sources for a confirmation.  
1/19/1997 12:15 PM
Chris Russo

John, if you could check your sources I'd appreciate it. So I've gotten 3 different  
responces. They're Altec, Eminence and CTS. I guess any of these could be possible  
as most manufactures at the time bought speakers from numerous suppliers. The amp  
is stone stock and in very good condition with the exception of the Pyle speakers.  
Thanks for responding.  
2/4/1997 12:18 PM
Tim Casey

Chris, I've got a 70's Ampeg combo too. I think it's a VT-22 (dont use it too much). It has 6L6 power tubes, reverb, tremelo, and vibrato (with an afterbeat switch). Does this sound like your amp? If so, what do you know about these amps, other than the Rolling Stones connection? Thanks in advance, TC.
2/4/1997 1:10 PM
Steve Morrison

What you have doesn't sound at all like a VT-22. The VT-22 Used four 7027  
power tubes and has no vibrato.
2/5/1997 12:30 AM
Chris Russo

Tim, I'm afraid my knowledge of Ampegs is limited. I own a '70 V4 full stack years ago which  
is the same "head" as the chassis in the VT-22. This amp uses four 7027A power tubes (100 watts)  
has 2 inputs with seperate volume controls but they share the tone circuits and Reverb only. I  
like the smooth tone and power of this amp. I'm afraid I haven't a clue as to what you amp is.  
It sounds like a cool amp though. Hope someelse here has the info you want.  
Thanks for your responce.  
2/5/1997 12:48 AM
Tim Casey

Hi Chris, I'm the clueless one. My Ampeg combo is a Gemini II GT-22, not a VT-22. It's a cool little rocker with 2 6L6's, reverb, tremelo, vibrato, and an afterbeat switch. Does anyone know anything about these models? Thanks in advance, Tim C.

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