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original roland cube-100

1/14/1997 8:24 PM
jonathan krogh
original roland cube-100
I've seen one of these in a local pawnshop and have considered buying it.Does anyone have any experience with this amp?pros?cons?I fired it up and it seems to be working fine...
1/23/1997 4:40 PM
I owned a Cube 60 once, just a smaller wattage version of the Cube 100. The chorus in combination with distortion sounded great. Everything else sounded rather blah.
1/26/1997 9:14 PM
What is an "original" cube 100.  
The only "desireable" roland is  
a Jazz Chorus. The cube amps are  
just any other solid state amp.  
If you like it.  
Don't pay too much for it.  
It's not a collectable or "original"  
anything. It's just an amp.
2/11/1997 12:29 PM
Dave Charneski

I have tried one if the Roland Blues Cube amps. Despite their advertising  
hype, it doesn't sound at all like a tube amp, let alone a GOOD tube amp. In  
fact, to my ears, it didn't even sound as good as some solid state amps. Before  
you spend your hard-earned cash, I think you should look around some more. There  
are much, much better-sounding amps in that price range.

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