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Fender Twin Reverb

1/13/1997 11:06 PM
Anthony Stauffer
Fender Twin Reverb
I have the opportunity to by a '70s Twin Reverb 100 watt combo for $600. It has just been serviced and sounds great, but I have no idea if this is an average, great or high price for an original Twin Reverb. Any insight would be appreciated.
1/14/1997 12:32 AM

I collect Twin Reverbs and have found that the price is based on location. For instance, around Nashville, where Twins are very popular, the price is usually around $500.00 for a silver face('70s model). While I was in western New York, I bought a black face Twin at a music store(where prices are always higher)for $250.00! What does that say about the Twin market in that area? Albeit, $600.00 sounds pricey. Especially if it is the master volume series. Now, if it is not the MV series and has JBLs, and is in extremely clean, $600.00 may be a fair price. I hope this helps.
1/17/1997 3:25 PM
john martin

$600 seems a bit on the high side, based on prices here in the Philadelphia area. If it is really clean it might be worth the money. Think about how much new hand wired amps cost today also. I would expect to pay about $475 to $500 for a seventies Twin Reverb. And also remember a good tech can wire it to sound like a Twin from almost any era.  
1/18/1997 5:36 PM
Bernie Beckel

I own a small guitar / amp shop in Denver and have a 78 twin reverb for sale there for 599 but have not sold it and its been there six months. I have a feeling I'll get 599 for it but it could take a while so your 600 price may be a bit high.
1/29/1997 10:37 PM
Steve Brewer

Buy that bastard.Thats a great price for working twin.Out here in LA they go for $950 and up.You can buy it where you are and sell it out here and make $400.Ha! Ha!
2/2/1997 3:29 PM
It's all in your second line, serviced and sounds great. It is a good deal. Think if you got it for 200 less but had to have it serviced? The bill could easly go over What you thought you were saving. Good luck.
2/2/1997 10:19 PM
Anthony Stauffer

Are you the jb that used to work at Alley Cat Music here in State college PA?

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