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Gibson GA-5 Skylark

1/12/1997 12:34 AM
Mike Shaw
Gibson GA-5 Skylark
Cool. I guess I'm the first person to post here. I have an old Gibson GA 5 Skylark amp. It's finished in tweed and has an 8" Jensen speaker in it. The tubes are 1 12AX7, 1 6V6, and 1 5Y3 rectifier tube. Does anyone know how old this thing is? I have a feeling it's from the 50's but I'm not sure. Thanks! Mike
1/12/1997 8:04 PM

I have a schematic for that but no date on it. Speakers have a code stamped on them that tell the date of manufacture. If it has the original speaker get the brand or the numbers stamped on it and e-mail me maybe I can help. Also from reading the Tube Amp Book I think you are right about the era.
1/14/1997 12:40 AM

If the amp is all original, you can get close to the manufactured date by reading the date codes on the potentiometers. There will be 6 or 7 numbers with the first three telling you who made the pot. The next four will tell you the year and month the pots were made. For instance, 1375901 tells you the pot was made by Clarostat in the first week in'59.
1/17/1997 3:08 PM
john martin

Bear in mind component dating of amps is approximate, depending on how long the parts spent in the distributors stockroom. Also, check the Gibson web page. The service department has a section with schematics and amp information along with an invitation to e-mail them for more details. I have a Gibson amp from the 40's and it has a very "sweet" sound.

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