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small tube amp kit info, please.

6/5/1999 7:38 PM
John C.
small tube amp kit info, please.
As I can't find any amp that fits my budget and preferences (where I live), I would like to ask:  
Where could I find/buy a kit for making a  
low wattage-extremely-good-sounding- and easy to build- tube amp for electric guitar?  
With clear instructions for mounting it.  
I can follow a schem (transistors) but I don't know a word about valve tubes...  
I will use at home, then maybe connect it to a bigger solid state amp (if this is possible to be done...) to play with my friends at a higher volume.  
Thaks a lot.  
6/5/1999 10:17 PM
Benjamin Fargen

Talk to Bruce C. @ Mission amps. He has some great kits and expert advise to back it up!  
6/6/1999 9:08 AM
John C.

Thank you very much, Benjamin, for the info.  
You are the second person to recommend me these kits.  
I'll leave a message to this man.  
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