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guitar cab

6/2/1999 10:24 AM
Gus guitar cab
I am finishing up a open back guitar cab pine sides and 3/8 ply baffle I can fit 2)12s, 3 or 4 )10s. Any thoughts? I thinking 2)12s or would 3)10s be better. The amp is going to be a tweed deluxe type clone 2)6sl7 2)6v6. Guitar cabs are new to me I have built closed and ported bass cabs.  
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6/2/1999 10:43 PM

What OT are you going to use for this and still keep the "right" primary Zed with a pair of any speakers?  
I know "right" is subjective and we all have a our fav pri value...  
If your OT can run at 7K to 8K with a 4 ohm, 8 ohm and 16 ohm load then you got it made.  
6/3/1999 7:41 AM
I am using an old arkay mono amp the transformer has 4,8,16 and pa taps. It had 6v6s in it so I will use 6v6s (I like the sound of 6v6s).
6/3/1999 8:35 AM
Bob S

Definetly two twelves! Wider dynamics  
Bob S.

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