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New Project Suggestions?

5/21/1999 6:13 PM
New Project Suggestions?
I am trying to decide on my second project, my first was a 5E3, which I love for it's FAT sound. My problem is I can't decide what to build next! I do know that I am considering 2 or 3 channels; clean, crunch, and maniacal gain. I want to keep the power amp a small SE, or push pull. No more than twenty watts. I am looking at EL34/84 this time around. Any suggestions to get me started? I guess my problem is I know what I am looking for sound wise, but am unable to associate it to what is out there.  
I am thinking along the lines of a Vox clean type sound, AC/DC crunch (along the lines of the 5E3 cranked), and for the over the top metal type gain I just dont know.  
Thanks in Advance,  
5/26/1999 7:00 PM
Lee MacMillan

My first DIY was a 5E3 also. My second is going to be a 2xEL84 with the Kevin O'Connor "Tonnes of Tone" preamp. It's a 2-channel (1 clean, 1 dirty) design. I bought a Traynor Guitar Mate and plan to use that to start on. I'll have to replace the power tranny to get the B+ down and will convert to a 5Y3 instead of the s.s. rectifier. I'll remove the tremolo and use that tube for the extra gain stages.
5/27/1999 4:03 PM

I wanted something similar and wound up building an AC-30 pre-amp with a 15W output section. It's a great size/volume for recording. Chimey cleans and over-the-top distortion tones. EL84's are really great tubes.. The Vox pre-amp is basically a Bassman/Marshall kissing cousin (small t weaks here and there) so it mods in a very familiar way to shape the tone.
5/27/1999 7:37 PM
Yeah, that sounds like what I'm considering. I am seriously considering the AC 30 preamp for the clean, it seems to be very highly rated for that. How does it do for gain? Where did you get your schematic for the power amp? I was considering a SE EL34 biased class A. Should end up low power, high tone I hope. (I'm just a couch jammer!).  
I have also thought of mating a hotbox with a small output via a cathodyne much like the deluxe. What considerations do I have to figure in for the dB loss through a tone stack? Am also considering an EQ setup ala Boogie. I am concerned about the power loss in a low power amp though.  
Back to research!  
P.S. Anyone have a schematic for a Matchless Dirtbox?
5/28/1999 11:58 AM

The AC30 does do clean, but the AC30TB is the one I built which is really about GAIN IMHO. Imagine yourself in front of a 1x12 15W PLexi super lead.. something you can have fun with and not die from the volume. The Vox circuit can conjure up a bunch of cool tones, and there's plenty of gain IMO.  
Output section wise, the schem for the whole amp is in TTAB as well as the Weber book. Just run a pair of EL84's into a (good) 8K OT at 320-340V on the plates and that's about all there is to it.
5/29/1999 10:35 AM
AC30 TB low/high Power Switch
What considerations do I need to take to drop 1 set of tubes from the AC30 power section? I got ahold of a layout schem from Hoffman's site and it uses 4 EL84's=30W right, or better yet maybe a low/high power switchto switch in and out 1pr of OP tubes. Would i just switch out the input to the tubes or is there more involved than that?  
Thanks in Advance,  
5/29/1999 10:30 PM
Bob S

If I remember correctly, you should kill two tubes but then in order to maintain the correct impedence you'll need to connect your 16 ohm speaker load to the 8 ohm tap. Oh buy the way, now you'll notice the amp feels like it's on 7 or 8 volume as opposed to 10. Not that much difference. When i did this a few years ago I felt it wasn't worth it. Maybe you will ?  
Bob S.

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