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Re: Trainwreck schematics

5/22/1999 9:09 PM
Paul C
Re: Trainwreck schematics
That scematic is for a Rose Morris made vox ac30.
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5/24/1999 8:49 AM
Bob S

Ken Fischer told me he wanted to make his version of an AC-30 because he could build a better one. I don't know if the one in the Tube book is correct but I do know he had his own transformers wound, he used slightly different voltages. If you look at the schematic you'll see that there's much more filtering and does have a S.S.Rect. As for old AC-30's, the quality of parts used in the old ones in many cases were some of the same as in old Marshalls. Though they're wired different than most, there are few amps that will do what an AC-30 can do from 35 years ago.  
Bob S.
5/24/1999 2:39 PM
J Fletcher

That's what I always thought too. It's a Rose Morris AC30 from around 1980....Jerry

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