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Trainwreck schematics

5/18/1999 6:19 PM
Trainwreck schematics
Anyone out there have access to schematics on these amps, I am especially interested in the Express model, Thanks. Stevie
5/19/1999 3:41 AM
Paul Stansfield

There is a Trainwreck schem in the Tube Amp Book 4.1, but I can't remember what model it is.
5/19/1999 7:32 AM

That schematic is marked "Trainwreck Circuits", but it is not a diagram for an actual trainwreck amp. It's just a schematic for a Vox amp that was probably just a reference file drawing at trainwreck.
5/19/1999 3:43 PM

Yeaa, I have seen also seen the AC30 schematic in the GT book, thanks anyway, the search go on, Anyone?
5/22/1999 11:18 AM

Are you sure this isn't a Trainwreck schematic. The AC30's I have seen have had a tube rectifier, filter choke and three way vibrato speed switch, or at least a combination of these aspects. The published schematic shows solid state rectifier, smoothing resistor and pot for vibrato speed. After all if you looked at a Kendrick, Victoria etc, schematic all you would see would be a Fender. The original AC30 amps were a nightmare, poor quality capacitors, 10 sometimes 20% resistors, bad hookup wire. I'd say surplus components from world war 11. Kendrick chose Fenders maybe Fischer chose Vox. Matchless (DC30)and VHT did.  
The Beatles (from Liverpool)used AC30's maybe thats why the Trainwreck is calles a Liverpool Express.
5/22/1999 1:18 PM

My guess is that it is a K. Ficher AC 30 mod of some sort,  
But who knows.  
5/22/1999 8:12 PM

Howdy all. A local guy that owned a music store around here had an eighties (?) AC30 without a tube rectifier and with two ceramic magnet Fanes. Could the Groove Tube book Trainwreck schematic be from one of these?

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