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R.G.'s Transformer Coupled Splitter

5/11/1999 9:57 AM
Ian Anderson
R.G.'s Transformer Coupled Splitter
Those Mouser Transformers, are these 1:1 line transformers? - just we don't get the mouser stuff over here in the U.K. - what spec do I need as an alternative ?  
5/12/1999 8:22 AM

This is easier by direct email.  
The ones I spec'ed are Mouser's 10K to 10K isolators, 400mW, by Hi-Q. They are rated at 300Hz low end, but actually provide -6db at 60Hz in the circuit I documented.  
Try to get similar specs, but you will likely not get a 80Hz low end spec in cheap transformers. On the odd chance that you have a supplier that has Magnetek transformers, the TY141P for about US$3.89 and the Red Spec SP66 for about US$16.83 should work.  
Also, Mouser does export for a US$5.00 fee per order. You can reach their export desk at 01-1-817-483-6848 or by fax at 01-1-817-483-0931.
5/12/1999 11:15 AM

oops... you DID send email, I just got to this forum first.
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