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Chassis Layout

4/18/1999 7:25 PM
Chassis Layout
Well, I have my boards assembled, just need to QC them. Am waiting on transformers as my antiques ended up being no good for this project.  
Question: I have seen some people mount their PS filter assy 90deg in relation to their mainboard. Is there a reason to do this? Or is it just a space/cosmetic thing?  
4/19/1999 3:59 PM
Jim S.

It's purely a matter of space usage. Since electrolytic filter caps are encased in aluminum cylinders that are usually connected to ground (except when two or more are wired in series), their innards are effectively shielded from the rest of the circuit.  
I would just be careful to keep the high-voltage B+ (output tube plates and screens) coming from the filter assembly as far away from low-level signal wires (esp. if they're not shielded) as possible. Otherwise, the circuit can sometimes pick up hum from the ripple portion of the B+.
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