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Re: EF86 input tube (wow!)

4/15/1999 9:12 PM
Bill Watson
Re: EF86 input tube (wow!)
I did what you suggested and it worked just fine. I'm very happy with the results and I didn't have to touch a component, just install a new 9 pin socket and reassign the wires. I got ahold of some real good spec sheets that confirm you can use an ef86 with the same combination of components etc.. that work with the 6sh7. I appreciate your input.  
I know that the 6sh7s are terribly, terribly microphonic. (I tried 8 different tubes and every one was!!). I keep hearing that the ef86s also tend to be. Do you know to what degree as far as percentage?. I ordered a couple Svetlanas from AES because that is what I used for the test run. I borrowed it out of my DC30. I hope I don't have to go through a bunch to find good ones. Thanks again.
4/16/1999 7:47 AM
MJ Harnish

I have no idea about percentages but I've been led to believe that of the NOS ones a fair percentage. I bought my EF86 from Triode Electronics ($10 I think) and Ned assured me that he pretests his tubes for microphonics. I'm sure Lord Valve also pretests his as well so either of these two sources seems like a safe bet if you want to try to minimize the chances of getting a microphonic tube. My amp is a head so vibration is less of a concern.  
4/16/1999 9:20 AM
Bill Watson

Thanks again. If the Svetlanas don't work for me, I'll try your suggested sources.

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