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Four reverb tanks in series/parallel?

3/25/1999 9:09 PM
Norman Four reverb tanks in series/parallel?
Could I take 4 fender reverb tanks and wire  
them in series-parallel to come back to the  
original impedance of one tank?  
Who knows? the eight springs might make a  
very complex reverb effect.Has this been  
tried before?
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3/25/1999 10:12 PM
Dave Stork

You mean, wire the input transducers in series-parallel, right? That should work as long as none of the input jacks are connected to the tank casing. Otherwise, there'd be a lot of noise. I believe the standard Fender tank connects only the output jack to the casing, so you should be OK. The output transducers could be summed via a simple resistor network.  
Would it work? Probably. Would it sound good? It would probably sound like a clangorous mess at the bottom of the Grand Canyon, but that could be cool in its own way. Long live experimentation, I say.
3/26/1999 11:37 AM

>> "clangorous"  
Has my vote for "word of the day"!  
Go Dave Go ;-)  
& I 2nd the "why" question.. you can order custom Accutronics tanks (in Q1..) which have really long decay etc.. I have heard of running 2 tanks (in parallel off of a champ OT) which could be cool too. (that mod's from the Ken Fischer file..)
4/6/1999 1:34 PM
Dave James

...actually, Craing Anderton has developed a kit (sold by PAIA) called the "Hot Springs Reverb" in which two Accutronics reverb tanks are used. The inputs are connected in parallel, out-of-phase and the outputs are connected in series, in-phase.  
Having the inputs wired as noted cancels alot of the boominess that is typical with spring delay units. With the outputs wired in series, the recovery amp doesn't require as much gain thereby reducing noise.  
The kit produces a very clean and "non-muddy" effect. I've bought two and use them in my recording corner.  
Dave James  
James Music Products  
Los Gatos, CA.

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