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Who is Tubegirl?

3/25/1999 7:47 AM
Curious George, The Curious Little Monkey Who is Tubegirl?
I'll pose the question that I'm sure has been on people's minds, but so far no one except me has been crass enough to ask...  
Who are you, Tubegirl? Are you really a woman, or did you just choose that name so that all the guys would fall over themselves trying to answer your various questions? LOL  
I only ask this because there are very few female guitar amp techs. In fact, I've never met one. When one does emerge, I'm naturally bound to be curious about who she is, what she does and so on.
3/25/1999 2:31 PM
Why does it matter? Look at the test labels in the old Marshalls and Fenders, or some of the pictures of their shops, most of these were built by females.Or the stickers in the reverb units, built by Who.....And back during the early wars who built all the equipment for about everything.I have three girls[daugthers] And one plays basketball,in the tryouts made 9 out of 10 from the free throw line.And can sink three pointers with ease.I think tube girl has some great questions.No, there aren't too many girl techs, probably because, like girl guitarist they don't get an equal chance. I think anyone wants to be whatever, can if they want too.Lets give her a chance, it sounds like she already knows a great deal, and is asking why or how things work, just like the rest of us.My littlest girl is always asking questions, and wanting to be around when i'm working on amps, and I hope she keeps on wanting to learn.And I hope you don't take this wrong,[curious George] i'm not trying to flame you for asking, Maybe she will answer you in her own words.I try to help everyone,if its something I know about, if not, I leave it to someone else with more knowledge than me.I think we all just want to learn.[Richie]
3/26/1999 12:53 AM
Hey guys and gals, I don't think there is anything wrong with the initial question whatsoever... Read it again. There is nothing sexist or offensive at all about the post! These days everyone has this built in alarm that goes off when we start acknowledging gender, race, orientation, etc. Quit flipping out! If everything WAS equel ( like in the future) you will STILL notice people by their physical characteristics, (such as gender, race, etc.) just it will nolonger matter because the stereotypes will have lost there meaning.  
The ideal communication is when everyone express's themselves unhindered. So stop being oppressed by over-political correctedness!  
At any rate, I find it very cool that tube girl is here (even if she is really a guy) I also think it is cool that all of you are here! Keep tinkering and rockin'!- Eth
3/27/1999 11:54 PM
If I here one more idiot use the term "political correctness" I'm going to commit pollitically incorrect murder! The term is meaningless bullshit used by someone who is unwilling to understand that others may or may not be sensitive to language and is too intellectually lazy to acknowledge it. Hitler was the epitomy of a purveyor of branding language correct or not and just labeling someone as politically correct is falling into the same category of the person you've so labelled.  
Drop the "socially correct" jargon and quit labelling those you disagree with as "politically correct."
3/28/1999 3:35 AM

Though I feel tempted to add my own off-topic opinion to this increasingly off-topic thread, I have chosen to restrain myself for the good of all.  
...and I hope I'm setting an example.  
3/26/1999 4:49 AM
Steve A.
Re: Who is Tubegirl?
    Thanks for your post! I just wanted to add that the people on this BBS have been helpful to practically everybody regardless of race, creed, nationality or gender. It seems to me that tubegirl has asked a lot of intelligent questions that have started some interesting discussions. If not for the gender implied by her username I would have thought that she was just "one of us guys" (no slurs intended!) messing around with tube amps...  
Steve Ahola  
P.S. There have been a lot of techs working on guitar amps over the past 50 years, but I don't think that there has ever been the free exchange of ideas as there has been here at AMPAGE. Instead of every amp tech hoarding his own little bag of tricks and working in his own little "bubble" there is a willingness to share what we have learned, and in return we can learn from the knowledge and experience of others. I really think that within 10 years this pool of knowledge (actually more like an ocean!) will turn the tube amp industry around as these ideas percolate up through their ranks.
3/26/1999 5:05 AM
Dave Stork

Well, look at it this way. We really don't know anything about anybody who posts here outside of what they choose to tell us in their posts. We stick to the subject at hand, for the most part; maybe that's why there's almost never a flame thrown around here. Have you looked at the other guitar amp BBSes and the newsgroups? A lot of knuckleheads calling each other names, and posts like "how can I make my amp sound like Stevie Ray?"  
Suffice it to say, I'm glad I found Ampage and I hope the atmosphere here doesn't change.
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