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Tone Controls don't do anything!

3/4/1999 7:27 AM
Tone Controls don't do anything!
Ok, what's up with the tone controls? I've followed the standard Fender/Bassman type control layout but they don't seem to be doing anything, the amp is REAL brite I can't tune it down. I've tried a real simple feedback design - line off of the speaker jack to a 22K resistor to the outside leg of a 10K pot, wiper connected to ground via a .1 cap. Any ideas!! RJH
3/4/1999 7:34 AM
Dave Stork

If a Fender-type tone stack isn't doing anything at all, this is usually a sign that the ground connection on the midrange control is bad. If you're using a fixed resistor in place of the mid control, make sure its connection to ground is good and also confirm that you used the correct value of resistor. If you accidentally used a resistor that's too high in value, it would limit the effect of the tone controls.
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