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Clubman Clone Success!!!!!!!

11/14/1998 12:00 PM
Benjamin Fargen
Clubman Clone Success!!!!!!!
After many nights spent up until 3:00 am.......My Clubman is up and running with all the bite and TEXAS tone I had hoped for. I used a good suggestion from the guy at tube world and went with a 12AT7 instead of a 12AX7 for the phase splitter. The voltages are slightly higher(1-5vdc) than the pdf.schematic show here on Ampage. Overall I am very pleased, I still have a 60 cycle hum I need to take care of (100 ohm resistors to ground off of the 6.3v heaters should do it)But other than that It's a real fun amp!  
Thanks to everyone for all the help!  
Next stop.......Brownface Fender Bandmaster!  
11/14/1998 9:22 PM
Benjamin Fargen
Re: Help.....I can't stop the buzzzzzzzzz!
I can't figure out where that annoying 60cycle hum is coming from.  
All my grounds are going to one point.  
The two 100 ohm resistors off of the 6.3v heaters to ground did not help.  
The hum is there whether the guitar is plugged in or not.  
I read that the 6SH7 is not a good tube choice for audio due to noise......could this be it?  
Any suggestions on where to start?  
Thanks alot!  
11/14/1998 9:31 PM
Bill D

I built a Vox AC30 design from this site with a lot of success. It, too, had an annoying hum. After going thru R.G.'s article and the amp over and over again, I finally realized what it was. I was running the centre tap of the PT for the standby through a switch that was an integral part of the volume control! (On/Off Volume) Relocating this solved my problem.
11/14/1998 11:47 PM
Benjamin Fargen

Bill I am also running the standby switch off the center P/T to ground.......Mine is on a switch of it's own, Is there any way the switch could be bad and cause a grounding issue?(The switch was salvaged out of a junker amp.)  
Thanks for the help,  
11/14/1998 10:17 PM

Hey Ben, just for grins... are the two transformers at right angles to each other?
11/14/1998 11:40 PM
Benjamin Fargen

Charles, They are both at right angle to each other with the choke being in the middle and seperating the two. Is there a trick to running the output tranny at an angle?  
11/14/1998 11:50 PM

No experience here, but I have read that you can also get noise from the choke. I have a reclaimed chassis from a Laney and the choke was mounted, and tilted about 10-15 degrees to the side.

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