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Re: Ultra-Linear

9/23/1998 5:49 AM
Re: Ultra-Linear
I've found that while the 135W amps are "too clean" for guitar the extra linearity and available power make it nice for bass. The 200W Marshalls (Major) also use the ultra-linear connection and work great for bass too (the tone controls are somewhat limited - they're inside the feedback loop - but this can be moded). Of course, you need a suitable cabinet (at least a 15 inch speaker in a reasonably sized cabinet, perhaps with some midrange driver). If you rework the tone controls you can use these amps as PA amplifiers also.  
High power ultralinear transformers are not cheap, and by disconnecting the UL tap to use it for guitar (a commom mod) you are wasting money. Buy a decent guitar OT and save the UL for a bass or PA amp.  
9/23/1998 8:30 AM

Yep, clean and high power is good for bass.
9/23/1998 8:29 AM

Yep, they do.
10/21/1998 7:39 AM
Kevin Timm

I believe ultra- linear operation also improves the damping factor as well. This an help out amps that use no negative feedback.  
10/22/1998 8:10 AM
Bob Purkiewicz

The Dr. Z Route 66 uses ultra linear taps with no negative feedback. Supposedly it has overdrive to die for, although it uses an EF86 preamp tube(lots of gain.)
10/22/1998 9:26 AM
Kevin Timm

I use ultra- linear in one of my designs with no negative feedback and the amp has a ton  
of gain, very huge bottom as well. If you would like to read what some people think about the amp go to and click on customer comments. Chris Duarte absolutly loves them.  
The reason Ultra linear works well with no negative feedback is simple. In a no negative feedback amp you get an increase in high frequency response as well as low end transients. In an ultra linear design you get better damping which controls the low end better and a kind of semi- triode operation which mellows the highs a bit as well.  
10/23/1998 8:57 AM
John Martin

I have built several amps like this using 6BQ5's. Sounds amazing with any kind of pickup. This combination of ultra-linear and no feedback has been overlooked by many due to the bias against the ultra-linear circuit created when certain guitar amp makers, going for higher power levels, created rather sterile sonding products. (At least thats my take on it)  
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